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Thanks and some news

Posted by:Richard Hell
Posted on: 7 Oct 2008
Thanks to everybody who sent me birthday messages here and in email, and otherwise. It actually does make the day happier (I guess everybody else already knew that). Yeah, I’m 59 now. I have to consciously think to remember exactly how old I am in the last few years (half the time I think of myself as a year older than I am). But I feel too good and am doing a lot. I wrote a book review of a new bio of Rimbaud that’ll be in the coming (Oct. 12) Sunday New York Times Book Review [now can be seen at www.nytimes.com/2008/10/12/books/review/Hell-t.html?ref=review], my review of a bio of J-L Godard is in the current (Oct.) Art in America, my long essay on the Velvet Underground v. the Rolling Stones is in the just-published Rock and Roll Cage Match book (there's a review at http://tinyurl.com/4ocy4c), and I’m about half way through writing my autobiography (which’ll go up till about my mid-thirties I think--now I’m at 1974, CBGB’s beginnings, and about 180 pages) and pieces of it are appearing here and there. Also, believe it or not, I’m in the studio. It’s an intense project that we’ll get to describing here soon, but I’m loving it, and it includes the guitar players Marc Ribot, Bill Frisell, and Ivan Julian, and my singing and writing, and will result in an album.

The main reason though, apart from saying Thanks that I came on here is to talk about Laura Kennedy. Laura is an old friend. She played bass in the Bush Tetras in the late seventies, early eighties, and when I formed the short-lived final real touring band of my music career in 1984--a band we called The Thing--she played bass (so did I--it was a two-bass band--other musicians included drummer Anton Fier and guitar player Jody Harris). I’ve always really liked and admired Laura. Now she’s in trouble because of Hepatitis C and needs a liver transplant as soon as possible. There is a prospective living donor (healthy livers regenerate), but money is needed for expenses. Please donate anything you can if you possibly can. There’s a blog set up with a means for donating at http://lklf.blogspot.com/ .

Also, a reminder that our Forum moderator Hannah Levbarg has a band with her husband James Reich (whom she met via the Forum) and the band, Venus Bogardus, will be playing in New York at the Bowery Poetry Club on November 23 (http://www.bowerypoetry.com/#November_23 ). The band is skillful, interesting, and ambitious. Check them out. They have a website at http://www.venusbogardus.com/ .

One last thing. We're really sorry to be so behind on posting news in the Updates section, but instead have had to resort to links posted on the First Page to Forum messages in order to try to track developments around here. We're determined to catch up before the end of October (not that anyone notices or cares but us...).

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