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Happy birthday from the Lower East Side

Posted by:Pablo Lopez (‘adayattheraces@hotmail.com’)
Posted on: 7 Oct 2008
It's kind of strange to say happy birthday to someone you don't know personally. I do like you a lot as an artist.I bought and stole a couple of your books when I didn't have money. I really like them. Specially Go now and Artifact which was very difficult to find. It was at sugartown spoonbill i think its called on Bedford ave.I keep those books and records of yours as part of my collection of treasures.It's very nice to have someone like you inspiring people like me who in my late twenties
I struggle to be inspired and do work.I feel very much identified with the way you describe feelings.I'm a poet.myspace.com/pablosinging

Looking forward to have your new book.I read a piece on the brooklynrail and i liked it.

My boyfriend is making a movie about a very young girl in the city.He wrote the script as well. The cast is all gonna be people playing characters based on themselves.He would like you to come to the premiere when it's ready. I wonder what's the best way to invite you.Let me know if it's possible.

I'm working on a new book of poetry and It would be the biggest honor if you'd consider writing a foreword for it(if you like the poems of course)It will be published by The Shakespeare Foundation of Spain (my sponsor for the O-1 visa) http://www.uv.es/~fse/historia.html

I can send you a couple of poems if you want, so you can have an idea.

Thanks so much for your time. Have a very good birthday


Pablo Lopez

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