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my bad

Posted by:Roy Suggs (‘admin@richardhell.com’)
Posted on: 12 Nov 2008
Oh, Mme L'Enfer, I'm sorry. I am partly responsible for how quiet the Forum is, though it's partly Richard too. We're a full year behind in listing Hell's activities at the Updates page. For instance just this week he had a piece in a newspaper about New York City at dawn, that's online at http://www.brooklynrail.org/2008/11/lastwords/dawn-in-new-york. Two weeks ago he contributed a few paragraphs to a Village Voice cover story ("The Axis of Hip") about the election campaigns, which is up at http://blogs.villagevoice.com/music/archives/2008/10/richard_hell_on.php... Etc., Etc.

I'm afraid we aren't as encouraging to site visitors about contributing to the Forum as we might be. Richard doesn't participate much. Though I see that there is a lot more discussion at the YouTube comment pages where video clips featuring him are catalogued (http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%22richard+hell%22&search_type=&aq=f). Many of the clips have long discussions though Richard personally has nothing to do with that either.

Again it's partly me, because I haven't kept the site as fresh as I might. But I think it's also because most people know Richard as a musician, but he only made two studio albums and that was 25-30 years ago (plus the 1992 Dim Stars record, which only half counts). People who come here seem to either not really know or care about Richard's writing or not be interested in discussing it. So that is part of the reason things are quieter than they might be too, I think. Also, he doesn't really perform live, so there's no room for discussion of that.

Anyway it's an interesting question. I'm glad you brought it up. It's great the way you have been commenting all over the Forum recently (anyone interested should do a search for MmeL in the search box on the Forum front page). You deserve to get some response.

I know the people are out there and that they are sincerely interested in Richard. I know if for no other reason than that we continue to sell a steady stream of merchandise. Three or four people a week are always willing to buy things, but not that many to say anything of any substance on the Forum. But I can understand this too. I sometimes read Forums about people who interest me, but I hardly ever contribute to them. People can be shy about saying things in public even when it's as distant as that.

But, anyway, thanks Mrs. Hell, very much, for caring!

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