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Re: my bad

Posted by:MmeL'Enfer
Posted on: 12 Nov 2008
Yes, well, all of you are in fact at fault! Thanks for the info, and may I just say a full year is (nearly) quite inexcusable ... Richard would never have been allowed to get away with it had he the amount of nutty fans certain idiots have. However, I am glad this is not the case. And I forgive you-- indeed, thanks for bothering to reply!

Yes ... I haven't seen Richard under those at all. However, despite Richard's continued resistance of active participation, I do my very best to spread the "cult of Hell", as a friend put it, among all the folk I know. I've already turned several folks onto him, hehe

You know, Richard would be very welcome here. We all (or nearly all of us) love him and I have yet to see a forum thread created by Rich which has gone answered. Indeed, there is often a massive amount of replies.

Any case I cannot solve these problems ...

Haha ... I'm such a freak that I comment on things from six years ago. Hannah told me she woke up one morning to find dozens of messages in her inbox and was afeared of a malicious spammer ... as she is now aware, the long and short of it is that I feel unable to keep my mouth shut (literally/figuratively) when I feel something needs to be said. Such being the reason I sign up to sites like youtube ... I feel a burning need to reply to certain comments. Indeed, there is some annoying fellow who consistently attempts to insult Richard under all his videos

Well, now I see you are getting to that. Otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned it earlier (paragraph three)
And I'm glad Richard has a reliable fan base to support him ... just btw you could add me to that list of folk who have nothing to say of substance (haha) I am very shy about saying (certain) things, but also I cannot keep my mouth shut as I say ... I'm more nervous about saying something to Richard than to all of these forum-goers.

You know, when I picked my nom de plume, I was hoping nobody would speak French ... but it seems I have been discovered. I swear, 'tis entirely out of respect to Richard!!! ...

... erm yes.

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