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Ya great Nance

Posted by:geraldine fibber
Posted on: 13 Nov 2008
More from the archives! Walter Lure on Spungen:

Nancy was in new york when we started out, she was hanging around and she’d get drugs, she was like.......Johnny did drugs, she liked the group, she always had money so John and Jerry’d gravitate to her cos she had money to pay for their drugs, she was sort of a groupie, she helped jerry out one time, jerry pawned his guitar, she gave him money to get it out, Jerry must have called her, she got this guitar from a pawn shop in new york and brought it over to england, not that Jerry played guitar that much,
she came over, she had money cos she was whoring her ass everywhere and she got to our apartment,.Jerry wouldn’t let her stay here, he took the guitar and kicked her out!------so I dunno how she survived I guess she joined an escort service, and then she hung out with Sid, I dunno what Sid saw in her but a couple of months later (she showed up with a) fake British accent

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