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Clint Eastwood

Posted by:geraldine fibber
Posted on: 28 Nov 2008
I dunno did anyone else ever hear a copy of (or luckier, were at the gig...) Voidoids at Lyceum 1983... anyhow, I've wondered for years, why, after playing 'Don't Die' does RH say... "Clint Eastwood". Is this a reference to Eli Wallach's line in Good Bad and Ugly, when he realises Man With No Name is the only guy who's heard where the Arch Stanton Grave is, 'Don't Die, Blondie (see, NY punk reference before it's time?!), don't die'... well it makes more sense than 'Alright, we're the Beatles' (also muttered at same gig).

I tell you what, I could do with some sweet and sour ribs right now, but nobody in london town's open...

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