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if you have to shoot, shoot

Posted by:geraldine fibber
Posted on: 29 Nov 2008
Hello Mme

Well it's not a very realistic question on my part admittedly - it's equally possible the reggae artist also known as Clint Eastwood, (and who once got booked onto a chat show where they thought they were getting the other Clint), wandered on stage to shake a tambourine on the next number. That's improbable too. Why the sudden 'Clint Eastwood'?? I may never find out. In any case, who was in the Voidoids at that stage, was it the Destiny Street lineup? They sound gloriously chaotic at that point. Sometimes the best gigs are the ones that hover on the point of falling apart. There's good sloppy and bad sloppy, this is the former.

Anyhow, I just treated myself to a viewing of The Wild Bunch, which is Clint-less, but knocks me out every time. If I ever end up in a band again, I'll be pressing for a cover version of the end tune, 'La Golondrina'.

Oohh gotta go, Thin Lizzy are on tv. Whack fol me daddio.

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