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PAY NO ATTENTION!!! I'm such a loser...

Posted by:MmeL'Enfer
Posted on: 5 Dec 2008
For the Hell of it, and of course to keep the lovely flow that's been occurring through our forum of late, I have decided to post a very very minute and unimportant and unfinished and idiotic piece of a review I am currently writing (attempting to write) on Hell's poem "Kiss"

DISCLAIMER: This is exceedingly stupid of me. For reasons including:

Exhibit A. I am not a writer.
Exhibit B. How dare I presume what Richard meant by his words.
Exhibit C. This is a piece of utter rubbish which I knocked up in literally sixty seconds.

[Webmaster Suggs (that's me--Hi!) is adding here the text to the poem. Below it you will find Mme L'Enfer's review...]


Yellow and grey, the checkered cloth, each
square its sculpture rising
hampered sunlight topiary of a tree-strewn
slope: the trees can move and their leaves
touch your throat. I lift my arms
and, lying on my back, I levitate
with the laws of nature, thoughtlessly, the checkered ground
like a handkerchief lifted from its corners to enclose me... and
the vivid taste of citrus radiates its own absorption
from that spot upon the tongue
in ladder upon ladder
from whence I wave to you
hectically, abandoned, without a thought but to make you glad
way up there in the sky, with your hair and turned-away
head in the foreground, looking
at me as if I were your child, for
which I'm grateful, deck after deck
of cards sprung free
down around your feet
and arms and knees and shoulders, all of which
we can see, except our faces because our eyes are in them

“KISS” by Richard Hell
Is a unique poem astounding for its sharply shimmering imagery and the way it completely ignores all common sense traditions of form. Each bejewelled thought he gives you glows as if to pierce your eyes and bounces ricocheting off the next one. In colours of gold and green, he gives you the feeling of a hot country summertime, and paints a weirdly fascinating picture. There is no apparent shape to this it is just made of indescribable little shapes with corners that poke out at you and laugh in the summer of Hell.

As I say -> IGNORE it!!

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