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451 degrees/Reading/Off topic/IMPORTANT

Posted by:MmeL'Enfer
Posted on: 19 Dec 2008
I must be running out of things to do ... this afternoon I reread Ray Bradbury's "FAHRENHEIT 451".

I just wanted to know, perhaps irrelevantly, who else here has read this book (which seems to me marvelous, if only for its message) and to those who have, what are your thoughts and opinions on it? To myself, it seems to reflect a great many of my views, but always is (or twice is at least) profoundly melancholy and thought-provoking.

However, this post has (very likely) little relevance in this forum, and I apologize for writing off topic and/or raising a topic of discussion which I suspect is hackneyed by this point in time.

But still ... tell me.

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