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Posted by:geraldine fibber
Posted on: 20 Dec 2008
It may mean that music fans are predictable! But no, if we were talking for instance Fear And Loathing, THAT might be predictable, Bradbury, as far as I remember, never features in those record shops' 'books you're supposed to like' lists. And don't even start me on Howard Marks. Anyhow... F451, written I think early 50s, hence not that great a distance from certain well-documented instances of book-burning, tho I imagine such practices still go on in corners of the globe. As has been remarked somewhere along the line, once you're burning books, it's a small step to burning people. Altho having said that I did once incinerate a copy of some sub-Freddie Forsythe thriller in a futile anti dad-book gesture/bid to keep warm. Anyhow, Bradbury, when he's good, is very good. Some of his stuff is a bit sort of 'down-homey' for my tastes, but when he's on, he's ON. I think F451 is a pretty respectable follow-on from, for example, 1984, ie, this isn't quite science fiction since it's based on things that've already been initiated somewhere in the world. AT the risk of violating that political discussion rule, sorry!

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