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oh oh

Posted by:Hannah
Posted on: 20 Jan 2009
I am sure I can tell you how it went down, with Kate and the shirt. I'm sure...

At the time the photo of her in said shirt came out, she was split with old pudding-face, terrible 'rock poet' pete 'doughy' doherty, and mad crazy woohoo in love with the dude from the Kills (NOT THE KILLERS), who I thought, until that point, were a cool band, and who looks very, VERY much like our mate Tim Orchard, who runs Purr and is now guitarist for Glam Chops, a side project for Eddie Argos of Art Brut. But that's neither here nor there. The shittiest point is that all the 'articles' about Kate and The Shirt emerged because the media thought it was a picture of the Kills dude. Seriously. and I don't know if it was ever rectified, either. There's some talk about all this on the forum here, when it came out. But ANYWAY I'm PRETTY DAMN SURE that her super-hip boyfriend knows exactly who Richard is and either turned her onto him or loaned her his cool teeshirt. Oh Kate, vacuous Kate, what have you ever done other than brag about promiscuity, drink and stupidity, and get lucky with your wonky face and concave inner thighs? Nothing to interest me, other than wear THAT teeshirt... Now if only the stupid fucking journalists had known what they were looking at, and drummed up more interest in Richard. Maybe now some of these articles have been corrected, but in this age of insanely sloppy 'facts', let alone grammar, on even credible internet sites, I think it's unlikely anyone bothered.

Speaking of sloppy facts. James published some great stories on our myspace page and his facebook page, as blogs and 'notes', which were cited as coming from different newspapers, and were articles about countries suing rockers: Mexico suing Genesis for '(it's no fun being an) illegal alien' and Jamaica suing 10CC for for the song 'dreadlock holiday'. With links to the hilarious videos in question. Our jaws dropped as we watched more than one person make serious comments on them. We take it more as a side effect of Internet's full saturation than as indication that all these people are dumb, since we know some of them personally, and they're not dumb. But they'll feel dumb soon. Anyway, if you go to our myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/venusbogardus), the latest blog post should be totally public/readable whether or not you have a myspace account. Check it out, and see if you can see any way it might be taken for SERIOUS...

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