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Posted by:geraldine fibber
Posted on: 23 Jan 2009
Lure's a more literate chap than I'd imagine Johnny or Jerry probably were, but I'm not sure if he really bonded with Hell over it. Walter's take on HBs Hell period: 'It wasn't tense in the beginning, he was pretty good in the beginning - Hell was funny, he always had the completely different profile, but he turned into a bit of a snob, the problem was like, he thought he was smarter than anyone else, that's where the tension came in cos he didn't like John to sing more than one or two songs a set and I could sing one song - Flight was the only song I was allowed, but it was getting like, Hell wanted to dominate what the band should do, Jerry, as much as he liked Hell, he would never, he was always going to go along with John, and John would go along with Jerry, so...'

Richard has his own angle on it of course. For all that, Hell and HBs maintained contact post-76, and Hell's relationship with Thunders does appear to have been a friendly one - I think they even shared a stage again around 1983 or so? Not sure how deep it ran between him and Jerry/Walter however. All parties may have had their mutual uses as drug connections!? (There's a quote from Quine relating to this, possibly in Please Kill Me?)

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