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THE usa w/o Hell's Angels

Posted by:Karyn E. Mullin (‘taipaiane@yahoo.com’)
Posted on: 14 Nov 2000
I remember that the Sid & Nancy movie came out on March 17th (but I've forgotten the year!) and I ran to see it the same evening it was open the public on 57th Street. I sat with an affixed anticipation to see all who I thought I would recognize and especially someone who supposedly lent Sid the Apartment for him to do himself "out". She didn't come through in the movie but I think played a significant part in his life.

I knew Dee Dee when he was just "Doug" at the Mercer Arts Center. My cohort and I were showing up 2-3 times a week (obsessively) to see the same Doll performance (always the same, yet different) and the who's who was the best part of every show. I did think at that time that this type of music was unsympathic to my sensitive tastes at the time (as an veteran of Woodstock, you can imagine...) but the damn glamour of performance made it a sinch to like and the "do" sort of addictive.

I can gab on ... especially about 2 go go dancers named Liza and Honeysuckle. I always thought they should do a movie about the deaths after the Dolls. Sid and Nancy are only two, I can think of about 4 more equally neurotic deaths based on what I think was the type of "fate" they were playing with.

In fact, if "heroin" is "death", then Sid & Nancy merely disappeared.

Last but not least, is the case the basis for the "Lennon" shooting?

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