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Apart from Richard...

Posted by:MmeL'Enfer
Posted on: 29 Jan 2009
THE CLASH!!! I can't help it, I adore them. That's all
I have to say on the matter.

Also The Pogues (Shane MacGowan once a crush of mine in
my younger days, believe it or not!) for their fabulously
radically Irish-themed punk, and The Velvet Underground,
and The Nipple Erectors, and The Pretenders, and Talking
Heads, and I've started to discover Television and Johnny
Thunders. I also love jazz like Miles Davis and Wayne
Shorter and Sonny Rollins, and French Gypsy music, Cuban
music like Buena Vista Social Club, and the first record of
an Australian New Romantic band called Pseudo Echo.

And, I would be ashamed of liking Madonna, if I did!

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