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The Believer, Magazine

Posted by:Hannah
Posted on: 20 Feb 2009
By the way, on earlier topics, our chum Andy also made it out to Magazine last week and was just beside himself about how great it was. We wish we could have been there! sounded wonderful... would have taken up the last minute tickets from Rich D but couldn't have made it to London! Anyway, Andy sent us this vid, with this promotion:
there is already quite alot of footage from the Magazine gig i went to...
most of it the usual bad quality, waste of time


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aC1dAEjD ... re=related

Thanks for that link - I will go have a lookie. I was hoping in posting that link that it might trigger a few interesting follow-ons.

Not to qualify or excuse myself here, but to be perfectly honest, I've not finished reading that article myself, even now - all of a sudden I remembered that I'd bookmarked it to read later, went off to read it, and it occurred to me that it might be interesting to share here, and that I'd had that thought long ago when I first glanced at the article. I also never heard of The Believer till now, so I have no opinion on its content, and would have to take your word for it (I can imagine how such a critique would be the case - and indeed, I was enjoying this article's beginning not as an article but more just as prose). Okay, that's all my qualifying done - going to read your link and I hope this might prompt other people to write or link up a bunch of vaguely thoughtful, pretentious crud, too. :) I am not-so-secretly hoping as well that geraldine fibber will reply with a lot of disgusting quotations from Strangers with Candy.

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