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R. Hell Merchandise Service Comments

This page is for the public posting of comments regarding our service by people who've ordered merchandise from us. It's meant to reassure those cynical communists who may be wary of sending money to handsome strangers. No, really, we offer this stuff, a lot of which is hard to find anywhere else, as much to get it out to those who're interested, and to generate good will, as to make money (we charge as little as possible for the commercially distributed things) -- but it doesn't make much sense if people are too nervous to order. We're very grateful for all honest comments. Please don't waste space with jive though. (We'll remove the message if you do.) E-mail addresses must be verifiable.

Please note: We've disabled this page for new comments until further notice, as we've been inundated by spam from spider bots advertising gambling and porn websites. To protect our customers from such spam, we've now also removed the display of their email addresses. We hope and believe all the indications at the site will give you confidence in the level of our service. Thank you.

Please address any questions to orders followed by @ followed by

Item came quickly, in good condition and was cheaper to get from here sent to the UK then it would be to get from Amazon UK so that's great (and that wouldn't be signed or be a 1st edition either).
Many Thanks.

by  Jon Bartholomew 7/10/2007

fast shipping, good service.

I'd buy again.

by  Max 6/21/2007

very fast shipping
great service, good communication
thank you

by  bruno machado 5/23/2007

For the second (or is it third time?) I have received perfect
service when ordering from the merchandise section. Thanks
for the treasures. - Steve

by  Steve Sharp 4/10/2007

quick, polite service. no stress at all, makes me want to buy something else.

by  Courtney 2/21/2007

super super super fast and friendly replies and shipping. now i'm reading the book!! :)


by  Andrea 2/3/2007

really really fast delivery, wasnt expecting so soon, especially cause i live in UK, thought it would be at least a week. also really great comunication! thanks very much!! will defientally be buying stuff from here again in the future!!

by  Ed Naujokas 1/9/2007

I am a long time customer and always satisfied of service.

Maybe Richard should ask if some of us would like to have some items available again? Like some of his movies in DVD form?


Stefano Galli

by  stefano galli 1/9/2007

The service was faster and more polite than I could ever imagine! Great communication and very professional in every way - received book about 3 or 4 days after ordering.
Have a Wonderful Winter!

by  Debra 12/15/2006

Great Service!!
I especially like the fact that you e-mail me as soon as you receive my order. It is very comforting to know, as soon as possible, that it has reached the right hands, especially when it includes a Postal Money Order.
Then I received the order exactly 1 week later.
Other mail other operations should take note.

by  Bernard Schaefer 11/22/2006

Brilliant as ever - music and service. Thanks Roy, thanks Richard. Long live CBGBs!

by  Bryan Gilpin 11/15/2006

I wanted to say thanks to Richard for all of the great music and writings over the years. I ordered my posters and love them. I also wanted to ask if you all out there if you have or can get any of the 70's posters of Hell & the Voidoids or Television w/ Hell to please let me know because I would LOVE to buy one.
Thanks again,

by  tom minarchick 9/8/2006

Hey Guys,

you are always very quick with your shipping. I got my "fuck rock and roll" t-shirt in under a week. not to mention stuff i've bought in the past. and i'm currently waiting for 2 copies of Go Now, which could be waiting in my mailbox right now, i just have been to busy to go and see if they arrived yet. great job roy.


by  Jared 7/24/2006

Packaging and priority-mailing of "Hot and Cold": pristine, prompt and as promised. Thanks.

by  Beth 7/13/2006

Quick delivery. Very pleased. " No Drama "

by  Paul Tinkler 6/30/2006

Thanks so much for the signed 1st edition of Hot and Cold. It arrived very quickly and in excellent shape. It's always a treat to get into the mind of Richard Hell and I look forward to slowly ingesting this trip of a book. How about a t-shirt with Hell art or foto on it?

Robin Agnew

by  Robin Agnew 6/22/2006

Just wanted to let you know how great the signed cd's are. They were packaged very well and shipped very fast. Great,great stuff can't wait to get some more. Thank you,and a big THANK YOU to Richard for doing the signing, he did some ID's for our show as well. Great people through and through.

by  Chris Jerome 6/17/2006

I've ordered several things over the last few months and been thrilled with all of them! Thanks for having great communication, great merchandise, and great service.

by  Carolyn 6/7/2006

At first I thought I was having to wait a bit long for my copy of Hot and Cold. But then I realized that I ordered Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend. So cool your jets, I sez to meself and lo and behold my patience served me well. The very next Friday there it was in my mailbox all shiny and new and signed and everything! I saw Richard out here in L.A. during his promo tour for Godlike and got that and Go Now but didn't have the scratch for Hot and Cold. Believe how jazzed I was to find out I could still get a signed copy on the website. It was nice meeting Richard and he was kind enough to not only sign the books I bought that night but also my copy of the Neon Boys/Voidoids 45 that I've had for twenty years. (should have brought my copy of Blank Generation, damn!) It's nice to know that not only is he a wonderful artist and a nice guy but that his bizness seems to be run smoothly as well. Good job Richard and Roy. Thanks so much. I will be ordering more stuff in the future no doubt.

by  Dave McIntire 6/2/2006

”Next big thing: A return to good manners”. Come to think of
an old issue of New York Rocker (was it the year-end issue in
1978 or 79?) whenever I am ordering words or sounds from
this site. Roy is all good manners. Having bought records and
books from thousands of online / mailorder sellers during the
last 30 years I can say with a loud and clear voice that I have
never had any better experience than with Roy. He is kind,
thoughtful, informative and efficient. ”Service” is his middle
name and he is simply everything a customer could dream
I enjoy Richard´s work tremendously (and have for 30 years
now!) and I enjoy coming back to this site.
Thanks Richard, thanks Roy.

by  Jan Poulsen 5/23/2006

Good, fast service. CD arrived in mint condition. Songs still as exciting as they were when i first bought this on vinyl nearly thirty years ago. Made me feel like a teenager again !!

Thanx Richard.

by  Uncle Michael 5/22/2006

Great service and great quality! Thank you very much!

by  Muraco 5/18/2006

Just got my merch today! Thanks for the extra inscription, Richard! Great service from Roy! Cheers!

Off to start Godlike. Thanks again!

by  anton thomas 5/16/2006

Thank U Soooo much,
I must confess to being outa the country for a couple of weeks during your initial enquiry Re: my account, then asked my dipstick nephew to sort out the PayPal thingy, AND, despite seriously annoying you, I still got my CD within 7 days, (Thats N.Y. to Northern England)
Wow, thats great service !!! . . . . and the CD's great too.

Thanx Roy

by  Josephine T parkin 5/8/2006

fantastic to do business with,fast packaged well, some places don't care as much as these guys when shipping. All the cd's are great,can't wait to get more stuff. These guys are fast and great to deal with.

by  Chris Jerome 5/1/2006

Received my CD this morning - really good and quick service! 'Blank Generation' still sounds as good as it did all those years ago.

by  Anthony Osborne 4/19/2006

hey, Hot and Cold just arrived. quick delivery, great book, satisfied customer. thanks a lot guys, i'll be sure to order again.

by  jared 4/16/2006

6 days from order to delivery to Northern England, that's super service. The quality of the merchandise is excellent although I reckon the style could be a little more femminine, I mean, what flatters guys-does not flatter girls & ViceVersa . . .U know!! However I shall still wear it with pride coz the logo's so cool & So impressed am I with your service I'm about to cancel my "Time" CD from amazon in favour of a copy from your great website, signed by the great RH himself if he would be so kind.
Thanx Guys x x x

by  Josephine Parkin 3/25/2006

Thank you so much for the speedy delivery!!
I am actually about to order some books which I should have ordered all at once but oh well.
Is there any chance of anymore Heartbreakers/Ramones New Years Eve posters turning up?

by  Christina 2/28/2006

Richard and Roy:
Thank you very much for running a tight and efficient e-store. I was very pleased with the materials that I purchased--they were in perfect condition as promised, and the timing was expedient. I am currently waiting on RABBIT DUCK and I can't wait for that to be at my door. I would love to do business with you again. Richard, PLEASE: do you think it's possible to find/print more copies of WANNA GO OUT? If you had it available, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Thank you.


T.D. Thimis

by  T.D. Thimis 2/21/2006

i just wanted to make a quick comment i did not order but my girlfriend tracy bower did u prob. won't remember but i am the guy who is in iraq and she did it to well i guess you could say make my day. and she did i am a huge fan of the early ny scene and hell in particulair. right now i am fighting a war but don't ask why? i joined when i was 17 before 9/11 and when that happend i knew my stint with the national guard for college wasn't gonna just be 4 and done so here i am fighting this war and for this leader i can't even begin to know what crazy aspirations he had for this war but i've learned and if i make it back i am through with this i used to put siding on make my measley paycheck go deteriorate my body, go rock'n'roll,and try to be a rebel, wake up do it again but i was happy now i'm not. so what i'm saying is i thank you immensley for the autograph and for really being the real soldier the one who made music worth living for. by the way i haven't killed shit i'm just here for the ride to get back home safe hahaha. sorry i write like shit when i'm overjoyed. thank you again, Mike Tomei

by  Mike Tomei 2/5/2006

Most excellent service. I just received the very fine Rabbit Duck
poetry collaboration, signed, carefully wrapped -- the same
efficient, fast service I experience each time I order something
from this site. To everyone I say: order freely and often!
Thanks Roy and Richard, you're the best.

by  Jacki Ramirez 1/20/2006

Excellent service! Item arrived quickly and was in great shape. Would definitely purchase from you again.

by  Jan 1/12/2006

Excellent customer service and my book arrived, immaculately protected, in seriously one days's time. Other inquiries have been answered by Roy in very quick timeframe. Now we need to try to get some more of the out of print classic posters!

by  robbyshambles 1/6/2006

Customer service for orders placed on the Richard Hell site is
top notch. Items always arrive promptly and in mint condition.
If only other sellers on this cesspool called the internet were a
fraction as competent, there would never be a reason to
hesitate ordering anything online. Order without hesitation or

by  John E. Coli Nikolai 1/4/2006

great site, quick response, no diddling on the postage,(Ta)
look forward to the poster

by  Hank the Hobo 12/13/2005

Thanks for the quick response...I look forward to the books! Cheers!

by  Adam T. 11/26/2005

Great autographed poster! Fast shipping! Great condition!

by  Ryan-ATL 11/19/2005

I live in the UK and the signed book ( undamaged and well packed )and t-shirts arrived within the week.My initial query on how to order from abroad was answered promptly ( on a Sunday too ).
Many thanks to Roy and the service provided.I'll be back for more !

by  Mark Barton 11/15/2005

The Spurts CD was autographed as promised. A great piece of punk memorabilia at a reasonable price. Thanks!

by  Robert Robbins 10/25/2005

recieved the copy of Godlike within several days of ordering, superfast time to Scotland. So impressed may have to make some more puchases. thank you.
Larry, Edinburgh

by  Larry 10/13/2005

super fast and friendly replies and shipping. Got my signed copy of Spurts in just 5 days which is pretty damn quick when you consider I live in the UK.

Thanks Roy!
All the best

by  Andrew 9/13/2005

Prompt delivery as always !

by  Lisa Goldhamer 9/4/2005

An impeccable service from CUZ...Godlike ordered on Tuesday,
reached me here in sunny Glasgow, UK on Saturday. I have never
received any shipment from the States as fast as that. Fantastic

by  Liquidatore 9/3/2005

Speedy, friendly service. Quality, hard to find tshirt. Nice
collection of great stuff and equally great staff.
Order away.

by  rina 8/22/2005

Fantastic! Less than a week US to UK. Roy is a man of honesty and integrity.

PS - Why no signed Blank Generation CDs for sale?

by  Bryan Gilpin 6/28/2005

super fast shipping, good communication, item as described, totally trustworthy. all-around excellent service!

by  dansica 5/31/2005

fast as lightning and totally cool

by  Heidi 5/25/2005

I have ordered several items from the site, and the service is
always great. I recently ordered the (excellent!) "Blank
Generation" DVD, and expected to receive it within the usual 3
business days. Roy wrote to me apologizing for not getting in
the mail fast enough this time. I was not worried, because Roy
took the time to contact me - and went the extra mile. The
DVD arrived within the week, and I'm (still) in Hell heaven.

by  Jacki Ramirez 5/19/2005

Just finished watching the "Smithereens" DVD - which arrived
within 3 business days!! Great service, with a personal touch -
you just don't get that these days.. I'm in Hell heaven! :)

by  Jacki Ramirez 5/4/2005

I can't comment on how handsome these strangers are (or aren't) but the service they provide is excellent and prompt, the book was excellent and beaytifully presented and what's more Roy is really sweet and nice.

by  Sally Anchassi 4/2/2005

fine service again. thanks a lot. rich

by  rich d 3/20/2005

Quality of service... Excellent all the way around. Turnaround is quick and the products are shipped well with padding and cardboard backing to make sure the books aren't bent.

by  michael 3/18/2005

lovely experience-- helpful & fast...


by  jason martin 2/22/2005

The cd was in excellent condition!! cheap and fast shipping! A++

by  magne 2/17/2005

Very quick delivery and the book was in perfect condition. Good read too!
Only complaint was the son of a club-footed whore mailman who left the package in the rain but that's not your fault.

by  Jesse 2/13/2005

Placed the order Monday afternoon. Arrived early Thursday. Excellent customer service. Thanks!

by  Chad 2/4/2005

A pleasure. I placed the order Monday evening and got a confirmation e-mail that night (and I'm three time zones away). Destiny Street arrived today, signed by (as he put it) "'Sloppy' Richard Hell." Man, I wish I could afford a poster.

by  Amanda 1/29/2005

Just got my signed book and records. Prompt service. THANKS

by  gary alan 1/18/2005

Stellar customer service! I placed order B4 going out late New Yrs Eve, expecting an automated response telling me I'd have to wait til after holiday (like other online shops I'd ordered from). But Alas! Within minutes, I rcvd a friendly personal email f/the genie who lives in the computer (Roy)! *hee hee*
I rcvd Hell's signed spkn word CD Go Now in great condition _B4_ expected (and sooner than the other shops I'd ordered f/!) LOVE the CD!

One plea...Get more Hell/Voidoid T-shirt designs in Small Girly T's! PLZZZZ? The others are TOO BIG! This pixie prefers her OWN shirts, not appear to be floating in a boyfriend's shirts!
I'm a huge Hell fan and will definitely be back!

Many thanks, Roy!

by  Cat 1/14/2005

If only all companies cared as much about customer satisfaction. They found me a copy of the extremely hard to find book of Will Patton, Lassitudes Of Fire. Extremely fast shipping. Thanks Roy

by  Lori Buffone 1/11/2005

Quick!...45's arrived in beautiful condition...A pleasure!

by  Arlo white 1/7/2005

Very fast delivery to the UK - during the pre-Christmas rush period, too!

by  D. Dearlove 12/25/2004

Very helpful service, fast delivery and goods in perfect condition - many thenks.

by  Tim 12/11/2004

great service.

by  brent rawson 12/3/2004

Excellent t-shirt and excellent service. I would like to see more voidoids t-shirt designs if possible.

by  Paul Rutland 11/22/2004

Excellent, Fast shipping.Thanks!

by  Jun 11/16/2004

Got the three track Richard Hell EP on CD, and it's great. Quick shipping too. Please, please let's see a Neon Boys and early Television rarities disc, it would really make my day.

by  Frank C 11/10/2004

Service was incredibly speedy and merchandise was of perfect quality. Richard Hell rocks my socks.

by  Lindsay 11/10/2004

Wow, "Weather" arrived ONE DAY after order was placed! & so well packaged that it arrived in A-1 perfect shape despite rough handling/bending in transit. Thanks so much (& thanx for sending along the link in response to my e-mail). Every online order should be this good.

by  jo 11/7/2004

The service for my purchase was great! I'm too young to know who Richard Hell was (or that he existed), and I am receiving excellent care for a special request I had for my cousin, a big fan. Thank you!! :-)

by  Monica Simmons 10/1/2004

UN GODLY fast shipping. It seems like i pressed "pay" then heard the postman put it in my box. Insane. CD case was a bit cracked in one spot, but that might have happened in transit. INSANE fast shipping.

Also, Richard Hell is the f'n man.

by  Doug Lewis 9/30/2004

Thanks...speedy & helpful service, and of course fabulous Richard Hell music & writing!

by  Don & Tamara 9/10/2004

Goods arrival was carried out. Thank you!

by  sansui707 9/7/2004

Great service. Can't wait to finish the book!

by  Bridget 9/6/2004

Thanks for the prompt shipping. The 'Blank Generation' cd is just stellar. Robert Quine's solos sound much more resonant and the whole thing swings in a way that the other version incorporates wonderfuly. I especially enjoyed 'You Gotta Lose.'
Thanks again, Juda

by  juda 7/30/2004

Fast and friendly service, thanx.
Destiny St. is a great album! I actually prefer it to Blank Generation.

by  Fredric 7/23/2004

all cats agree: tremendously quick and friendly service!

by  Miss Lovejoy 6/23/2004

hi roy,

just a suggestion but any chance of considering making the next run of voidoids pink shirts a little more pink?
ive fended off less queries regarding "who's that on your t-shirt" than i have "have you washed that with your girlfriends red knickers"



by  richard d 6/5/2004

I liked the Robot T-Shirt so much I had to get another when I lost the original and again the service was impeccable. Ordered on the Wednesday, arrived in England with our terrible postal system on the Monday.
Thanks Roy

by  Will Emms 5/11/2004

Excellent, helpful service. I got my CDs in less than a week - all the way to the UK!

Thanks Roy.

by  Chris O'Leary 4/27/2004

Good service. Even when I screwed up and sent the wrong amount of money they promply retured it. Thanks guys.

by  Hewood Jablome 3/27/2004

On the tip of the kitchen knife that hannah hoch would have liked: sharp and precise. These guys are prompt and delicious. Order it from the chef.

by  laura johnson 2/26/2004

I love the autographed poster I ordered -- speedy delivery and awesome condition, just as described. This is one happy customer, thanks.

by  gretchen colavito 1/22/2004

Might be a gamble when you get a face-
No gamble here. Fast professional courteous service.
Thanks to all.

by  Scott  1/13/2004

Hi Roy,

Thanks for your great delivery. I ordered Wanna
Go Out? late on a Thursday night, and it comes in
Monday's mail....fantastic! And Richard and Tom,
thanks for a great collection of poems.


by  Michael Klein 1/5/2004

Roy, Thanks again for watching over my order the other night -- I'm the guy from Montana -- Since my merchandise was just shipped, it of course isn't here yet; but after the comments I just poured over, I'm sure I'll be delighted. You're a great guy, and Richard is a great artist. And this is a great site! After all, it's not as though I can follow the latest on Richard in "Rolling Stone Magazine." Thanks again!

by  Ray Corbin 12/16/2003


by  ALAN 12/6/2003

I am really happy with the service provided. 6 days to deliver to England! That's better than most companies here in England.
The t-shirt is great and this is pretty much the only place to get this kind of stuff. I highly recommend this service and shall be using it again in the future, great value for money too.

by  Will Emms 12/4/2003

I was happy to find my signed edition of the Blank Generation ep in the mail today. It was a very quick delivery, and on top of that Roy responded almost imediatly after ordering the cd. All in all a very good service for a low cost. Thanks a lot!

by  Hans 11/13/2003

Been having trouble finding the Destiny Street CD for
ages for some reason, so I was over the moon to find a
signed copy here. Should have looked here first
really... Great service and contact from Roy. Thanks!

by  Richard Lonsdale 7/11/2003

I'm not much of an internet shopper because of the crappy service internet business can give you, but when I ordered off this site, I could'nt believe how professional they were. I was leaving for vacation in a few days and Roy was very helpful in emailing me my status and getting my shirt in right away. It arrived within 2 days in perfect condition. This is definitly one site you can trust! Thanks a lot Roy.

by  danny 7/7/2003

All rumours were true.. It's great service and

by  Kaoru 5/14/2003

i ordered "artifact" on friday morning and it was delivered promptly by wednsday. also, it has to be the cutest little book full of bizarre, bizarre things ever.

by  jaime fountaine 5/8/2003

This will be the third time I'm ordering from Richard's website. If the experience is like the former two...I will be getting my merchandise quick with no issues. Great service...Great man....

by  Binaoh 4/4/2003

Very fast service, merchandise was perfect, high recommendations. Thanks Roy!

by  seponic 3/22/2003

Excellent service – it was fast, friendly and very helpful. Roy was great to deal with. And the merchandise came well packed and in perfect condition. I couldn’t ask for more.

Thanks a lot!

by  Dave 3/8/2003

friendly and helpful.
what more is there?

by  crayola 3/6/2003

The merchandise is great, the prices are
excellent (autographed books especially!) and
the service was amazing. I appreciated the
friendly, helpful emails and the fast shipping.
These were gifts that I needed in a hurry and
Roy was fantastic to deal with! Thanks very

by  Colleen 2/28/2003

Great service! I happily stumbled on Richard's site, and was excited to learn I could finally buy a CD copy of "Destiny St." which I had been searching for (I do have a vinyl copy but no longer own a turntable). Roy sent me an email soon as he received my personal check (I don't usually order stuff using checks, but was on my way out of town and too lazy to bother with anything else.) I knew I would have to wait until the check cleared, but soon the CD arrived and autographed to boot! I will be ordering more Richard items soon. Had I known about this site, I would have ordered my copy of "Hot and Cold" from you guys instead of Amazon. To everyone I say: order freely and often!

by  Jacki Ramirez 2/23/2003

Great service ! Roy is very easy to do business with !!

by  Lisa G 2/8/2003

Faster than fast delivery!! Great communication!! THANK YOU

by  keith hanson 2/2/2003

Excellent service. Fast shipment. Amazing cd. Absolutely no complaints whatsoever. Thanks!

by  Colin Lawlor 1/27/2003

Ordering from Amazon here in the UK I'm still waiting for them to get my order right after a month. Meanwhile, My CD from CUZ in the states - which i cant get anywhere else - arrives in six days flat. I'm impressed

by  KeLL 12/9/2002

Fast reply and great service! A+

by  Montie Merciless 12/1/2002

Excellent product, arrived in excellent shape. Very fast delivery. Thank you very much!

by  Jeremy 11/14/2002

Fast and nice reply to a question; now happily anticipating my purchase.

by  Hannah 11/14/2002

Fast shipping of a quality product. Paint me happy-colored!

by  Joe Mason 9/14/2002

Extremely fast service. Roy also took the time to respond within a few hours regarding my hesitance to buy things on-line since I've been burnt a lot with the ol' "sorry it's out of stock, and everything else you'd like is out of stock as well, but here's a credit slip" business. So, that was really realy cool.

by  Hector Jaime 8/6/2002

The book arrived and was in perfect condition. More than on time, a day early. A fine job, gents. About a quarter of the way in and loving it. Putting it down only to read Go Now, which is another fine product in the family of Richard Hell products.

Buy this guy's stuff. You'll get more than you paid for.


by  Cath 7/14/2002


by  IVAN FM 7/11/2002

Great, fast service and a fantastic poster. The condition of the cbgb poster is excellent! I live in Stockholm, Sweden and within 4-5 days the poster arrived by mail.


by  Henrik Weston 7/9/2002

Great service! Extremely fast and great quality. Thanks so much!

by  meg 6/15/2002

Wow, incredibly fast, and I love the new t-shirts! Even got a rebate on shipping (due to PayPal charging full shipping per item). Great service, thanks!

by  Tanya 6/8/2002

Excellent quick service & man, the book is
really outstanding. I couldn't be happier.

by  Jason 5/16/2002

Very pleased with the transaction, all around. Nice monkey, great shirt.

by  Marcie Radell 4/25/2002

So nice I did it again! The book is great!

by  Jim 4/22/2002

very nice service. thank you!

by  Erika 4/13/2002

I love Hell's writing and I received shipment
of my order promptly and unscuffed.
I had but one question: Does CUZ accept
submissions for publication from aspiring
beat writers?
ThankYou for your time.

by  Samantha Starborn 4/12/2002

Ahoy hoy. Excellent service and top notch follow-up. A fine dandy, indeed.

by  Mr. Burns 3/11/2002

Great job on fulfilling the order, giving me an e-mail update, and mailing the merchandise in a very timely manner.

by  Dave 3/5/2002

What a fun experience! This may be the first time I felt how personal business via the internet could be, even my friends aren't this thoughtful and speedy! The tee looks great and thanks for the postcards.

by  Jim 2/22/2002

Wow - rockin' service - can't wait to dig in to
the book - hope to be orderin' again soon!

by  Neil Rigler 1/26/2002

thank you so much for the wonderful job that you did in get me the books i ordered. had a devil of a time finding Mr.Rene Ricards book "love poems" but it seemed that i put the check in the post then in a few days they were here. great timeing as i ordered a copy for my daughter as well and she had just got layed off from her job the day vefore they arrived so it helped cheer her spirits some.
thank you again!

by  jo norris 1/10/2002

Perfect as always. Thanks very much.

by  FlopHouse 1/3/2002

You wouldn't think that ordering over the festive season would turn a transaction around quickly, but Roy kept in touch and the day after my e-cheque cleared, it was out.

Thanks for the great service!

by  ZuZu 12/29/2001

Good communicaton, fast service, quality product.
We're lucky to have a place that offers this merchandise as it serves as one of the only links in revealing what it all was truly about during that short lived era punk.

by  michael chiofalo 12/22/2001

Well I just gotta say that I'm impressed with how quickly Roy responded to my order, how quickly the merch came, and how great the book I ordered is. Glancing over the other comments here, my excellent experience wasn't an abberation.

by  Heath 12/12/2001

This is my second order of a gift for my daughter. The first order, a signed poster, arrived quickly -- and in perfect condition. The whole process was very professionally done and I was very impressed. I do a lot of net shopping and this site was the best! Not what I expected? Well, no! But then, life is never what you expect. Anyway, I have not received Hot and Cold yet as I just ordered it yesterday, but again, the checkout was a snap, and I've received 2 confirmations already with I'm sure, the book following close behind. As far as I'm concerned, this company has integrity, professionalism, personal service that you don't see nowadays, and great stuff to buy! A rare find. Thank you!

by  Linda Levin 12/6/2001

"Hot and Cold" is a beautiful looking book, and I look forward to getting lost within its pages... If anyone reading this is "on the fence" about purchasing a copy, just fall off and do it... Service really could not have been speedier or more conscientious, Roy kept me informed via e-mail every step of the way, and the merchandise arrived in pristine condition (and anthrax free to my knowledge)... Thank you!

by  Adam Green 11/30/2001

OK, here it is straight: the lightning efficiency and personal service you get from these guys is the way we all want to be treated. not only did roy respond understandingly to the slightly smart-ass tone of my enquiries, i received the book 6 days after ordering...& i live about 15,000 miles away from nyc.
as for the book: anybody dragging their heels about ordering the 1st edition of Hot & Cold is going to be rather disappointed when it's no longer available. this edition is, as we say in the south pacific, so fuckin' class. thank you both so much.

by  troy 11/12/2001

Add yet another kudo for this site's service. I ordered on a Thursday evening using Paypal, had a confirmation later that night, and the merch was in my sweaty paws on Saturday! And it was all that I could've asked for! Infuckingcredible.

by  Charles Williams 10/1/2001

Richard Hell is the un-sung hero of MY Generation "The Blank Generation".I own a small record store in Salt Lake City, and always try to have the Voidoids cd in-stock (sometines we sell out of them!!) to turn the young punks on to. Thanks for the fast and friendly service! The DVD is awesome!!

by  Kevin Kirk 7/30/2001

Excellence! I am very happy with the service I received, the book that I ordered was in perfect condition!
Roy - You were right, the inscription was wonderful! Thanks for the extra measures you took with my order!

by  Tricia 7/6/2001

Got my merchandise -- the oh-so-cool
Monkey T -- just five days after ordering.
Great speedy follow-up email from Roy after
ordering and note w/product.

Number One Request:

-- Archival live recordings of Richard...let's say
w/the Voidoids around the time of the Sire LP
release? I can't believe that the stuff on
Funhunt is all that's around.

Thanks, guys, you're great!

by  Todd E 6/18/2001

Monkey-T arrived approx 3 business days
after I mailed payment. Thanks very much!

by  Evan 6/14/2001

Could not have been happier with the service.
The picture of efficiency. I'd love to see rare
recordings, new tee shirt designs, etc... and
get email notification of merchandise, gigs,
and the like.

by  Gerry Harrington 5/1/2001

Awesome service! And hottie Richard Hell is a sweetheart too!!! Do it! Buy that book/poster,etc. Its well worth it for the serious collector ( or those that have had a crush on Richard for years)!!!!

by  Victoria 3/27/2001

Roy surely can take 'o' bidness. Got my Monkey T-Shirt in no time flat, now I'm half way human. Look Out World, here comes a MonkeyMan!

by  Rick Taylor 1/12/2001

Great Stuff - Great Service. Thanxs Roy for the prompt shipment.

by  Bob Bennett 12/11/2000

Everything I ordered arrived A-okay. Not only
does Richard Hell rock, but Roy Suggs rule

by  Jen S 12/1/2000

Thanks for the kindly and timely order status report - I've been wanting one of these monkey t-shirts since I first saw them! I'll probably order a few more in the near future.

by  Chris Y. 11/21/2000

CUZ kicked my ass! After placing my order Monday morning; Roy promptly sent me a verification e-mail. He also requested clarification on the address *I left 2 different addresses - I was so excited about the merch; I lost my mind*

The package arrived on Wednesday via priority mail. I hardly noticed when it was delivered since I wasn't expecting it to arrive so soon. How did Roy know I needed it_that_bad? One of life's little mysteries, I guess.

The books were in MINT condition. Securely packaged and came with a thank you note from Roy.

I've immersed myself in Richard's work for the past 2 days and I refuse to come up for air. Everything is amazing. The lit, the art...I want more...

I'd really like to see CUZ distribute Richard's CDs directly - but I am fully aware of the stranglehold record companies impose. I agonize giving Amazon $$ - I'd rather Richard got it direct_ly. eBay and GEMM suck. It pisses me off that people sell Richard's stuff for a HUGE profit.

Thank you Roy for the great customer service; attention to detail and all the work you do online maintaining the site.

And, thank you Richard for giving me the chance to own some of your unbelievably amazing work.

by  Sharyse 11/17/2000

Great service from a great group of people offering art and literature from daring individuals not afraid to risk it all...thanks for getting it out there. Thanks for the quick reply and we'll talk to you soon. A fan, James Sturch from sunny San Diego

by  James Sturch 10/6/2000

I just want to say that I feel very lucky having found CUZ online. My order was easy, fast and I am very happy with my merchandise. It arrived in mint condition and Roy always kept me informed of it's status. Thanks A Bunch Roy!

Dianna K. Ochoa

by  Dianna Ochoa  2/24/2000

Got my video and a Richard Meyers autograph on my check.

by  Vern Fetzer 2/14/2000

I was really impressed with the quick service and I was promptly emailed upon status of my order. I would most certainly order from them again. Thank you for everything.

by  Deborah Winesickle 1/8/2000

I've ordered from CUZ online once, and intend to do so in the future as soon as Hell presents us with another buying opportunity.

This is a superb service (the whole website, in fact) that offers every Hell rarity that I had searched for in the rare bookstores of NYC over the years.

by  Lord Dermond 12/4/1999

Service is excellent. Roy is really good with communication on the orders and is always dependable.

Merchandise is also in excellent shape. The Cuz Editions are beautiful.

by  Robert Byler 11/30/1999

I ordered some books from Cuz and everything was a dream. No credit slips, no banged up merch. And I got my gear in a hurry. Oh and the Hell writing is just better all the time. Richard and Suggs are legit, gate.

by  Jack Walton  11/23/1999

I have ordered twice from CUZ since the Summer of 1999.

The first time I ordered, I received a note when my payment arrived at CUZ to let me know that my order would be shipped out via USPS the following day. It arrived at my apartment 2 days later. The whole process was impressively quick.

But more impressive: the second time I ordered, Roy met me four blocks from my apartment to deliver my order! On a Sunday afternoon!! Now THAT'S service!


by  Philip Obbard 11/23/1999

Quality of service... Excellent all the way around. Turnaround is quick and the products are shipped well with padding and cardboard backing to make sure the books aren't bent.

Quality of Merchandise... Tremendous, an absolute must to anyone that cares about modern literature and/or the most important movement that ever occured in the rock era.....the books are reasonably priced and more than worth every penny.

by  Jeremy 11/22/1999

The two books I ordered arrive very quickly, in fact quicker than I had expect. And I live in Argentina. Therefore I didn´t even send a check or money order, I sent money (in a an envelope) and there was not a problem with that either. Everything was pretty safe and professional etc.

Both books were in excellent condition. I ordered Artifact, the diaries (a little tiny cute book, the hanuman edition is so pretty) and Hot and Cold, which is brief but great and has great drawings. Plus I got two postcards, but I guess that was Roy being nice to me :-) or something.

by  Mariana Enriquez 11/22/1999

I ordered merchandise from CUZ Editions and was completely satisfied with the transaction. Due to the distinguished group of writers whose work CUZ publishes, I felt no qualms about the legitimacy of the publishing company, or about sending my personal check to them. The book I ordered arrived in fine condition within the promised time frame, so my overall experience with CUZ Editions was a good one, and I would not hesitate to order from them again.

by  Sally Hinson 11/22/1999

Cuz Editions has never made me wait, sent me the wrong thing, or otherwise screwed me. Amazon has. Repeatedly.

Cuz is one of a handful of companies I've found with any integrity. Support it where you find it. Maybe the last of the good guys...

by  Delight Underwood 11/22/1999

I was very happy with the business end of my ordering experience from Cuz Editions. The first order I placed was supposed to be signed, but Richard Hell was out of town. I got a postcard immediately from Roy informing me of the "Richard M.I.A." situation, and assuring me that my order would come as soon as he was back in the U.S., within arms reach of a pen. It was kind of cool that he took the time to do that. Since then, everything has been punctual and even tidily packaged in much bubble wrap.

All in all, I'd say order away -- there's too much cool and rare stuff, and it's better to keep the money in the family than give it to some collector who is trying to keep an undeserved profit.

by  Alissa 11/22/1999

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