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We've had to temporarily disable message-posting due to flood of a vandal's posts.

To keep the Forum easy to use, please write a subject line for your post that's descriptive of its message, and a message that's related to site content. Personal attacks on other Forum participants will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to remove the intolerably obnoxious. You can say anything you want about Hell, though -- short of systematic harrassment wasting Board space --, but please don't ask him direct questions here. Send private messages to Richard and/or webmaster Roy Suggs via e-mail or you can ask Richard questions (and see his answers) at his personal page.
Note: The Forum is now moderated by Hannah Reich-Levbarg, an international nomad from Texas who most recently found her way from Bath, England to Sante Fe, NM, where she's stopping for the time being. Thanks for helping with the Forum, Hannah.

P.S. Please Note: There is currently a ban on political discussion here. Any overtly political posts will be removed. You can see an explanation in this post from the webmaster.
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