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These links will connect the visitor to the best presentations we've found online of poems by some of the poets we especially like or think are interesting. (Unfortunately a lot of our favorite poets are not represented very well, if at all, on the Web.) These are all 20th Century writers, but we're planning to work back (and forward!) too...

A number of these pages are located at three sites that have good large archives of poems:

Where our links lead to pages at these sites, we've noted it with an (EPC), (Eng88), or (Kalin) alongside the links.

Bruce Andrews (EPC)
Guillaume Apollinaire "The Windows" poem
a First World War poem "There Is" (Eng 88) At the elaborate site of a Finnish Public Library! short bio/bibliog
Louis Aragon (Kalin)
Antonin Artaud P. Krapp's full-featured site
John Ashbery (EPC)
Paul Auster "Definitive" site

Ted Berrigan (EPC)
Jorge Luis Borges "Limits" poem
big fancy graphic--scroll down & read while it loads "Library of Babel" story at Hyperdiscordia
"Garden of Forking Paths" site at the Libyrinth quotes from, at Modern Word (top JLB site)
Joe Brainard poem & 3 "I remember"s
Andre Breton (Kalin)
Breton: long essay/address recounting evolution of Surrealism 1934 "What is Surrealism?" history
Jim Brodey poems, memorial at Hard Press
memorial by Charles North
Lee Ann Brown (EPC)

Joseph Ceravolo six poems, great poet
Clark Coolidge cool notebook excerpts
featured at Jacket, 2001

Maggie Dubris fr. "Toilers of the Sea" poem
CUZ Editions writer: both links new work at CyberCorpse from new Skels novel
Bob Dylan lyrics pages at his official site
"Bob Links" (countless) by Bill Pagel

Elaine Equi good seven poems from TN fan

Bob Flanagan journals, bio
int. w/ partner/collabrtr Sheree Rose

Dick Gallup two poems in CyberCorpse #1
Amy Gerstler four poems at Antioch L.A.
five poems at Tripod memberpage
"The Bride Goes Wild" poem at Crania
Gerstler: "Recipe for Resurrection" one at Hard Press, Gerstler: "Spring Tonic" Boston Review,
Gerstler: "The Bear-Boy of Lithuania" prose poem LA Weekly, and Gerstler: "Recipe for Trouble" WomEnhouse

Brion Gysin in progress at S Press

Max Jacob (Kalin)

Franz Kafka "Project"--much info, some Engl.
Bob Kaufman four & bio at Beat Page
Kaufman: "I Have Folded my Sorrows" poem, bio at Literary Kicks
Jack Kerouac (Eng88) writings, etc.
bio, links at Literary Kicks
Bill Knott 10+, most early ('60s), at Vers Libre
check the zine's index for essay on Knott by klipschutz too eight of Comic Poems at Pith
Knott: "After the Persian Gulf War  (March-June 1991)" 1st of two at Maverick... Knott: "(Mural) (Mondo) (Nulfresco)" 2nd
"Dearth Demise" at Boston Review
"Flashbacks" at Salt Hill
essay on him by our R. Hell (onsite)

Harry Mathews interview at Oulipo site
interviewed by John Ashbery
Eileen Myles (EPC)

Alice Notley (EPC)

Frank O'Hara (EPC)

Ron Padgett three at Jacket
Padgett: "The Charge" one, Padgett: "Norwegian Desire" another at Deluxe Rubber Chicken
Padgett: "Family Ties" one at Slavery Padgett: "Ladies and Gentlemen in Outer Space" one at poems.com

Raym. Queneau interv. at Dalkey Archive

Aram Saroyan: the '68 book (at ubu.com too:)
Saroyan: "Flower Power" essay; his '99 essay on above Saroyan: PAGES (Random House, 1969)--entire book Pages poems
Saroyan: CLOTH, an electric novel (Big Table, 1971) 103 pp. Cloth novel (title: then new window)
David Shapiro five poems at Hard Press
Gertrude Stein entire Tender Buttons!
1957 review of Stanzas in Meditation (Eng88) John Ashbery on
Wallace Stevens (Eng88) poems, links

David Trinidad five poems at E.V. Poetry

Paul Valery (Kalin)

John Wieners two at Poets on the Line
four & QuickTime videos of J.W. reading
essay on him by Jeremy Reed

Thanks to Gary Sullivan from whose link page of "20th Century non-mainstream poets and writers" at his literary e-zine, Read Me we copped a lot of these addresses.


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