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Bruce Andrews (EPC)
Guillaume Apollinaire "The Windows" poem
"There Is" (Eng 88) short bio/bibliog
Louis Aragon bio and poem at Duration Press
John Ashbery (EPC)
Paul Auster "Definitive" site

Ted Berrigan (EPC)
Jorge Luis Borges "Limits" poem
"Library of Babel" story at Hyperdiscordia
quotes from, at Modern Word (top JLB site)
Joe Brainard poem & 3 "I remember"s
Andre Breton '34 "What is Surrealism?" history
Jim Brodey poems, memorial at Hard Press
memorial by Charles North
Lee Ann Brown (EPC)

Joseph Ceravolo official site
S. T. Coleridge many poems at U. of Va.
Clark Coolidge notebooks at Duration press
featured at Jacket, 2001

Maggie Dubris fr. "Toilers of the Sea" poem
from new Skels novel
her website
Bob Dylan lyrics pages at his official site
Dylan web "starting point"

Elaine Equi three poems at Cortland Review
interview at MiPo
two poems at MiPo
on ambitious poets at Jacket
links at Am. Acad. of Poets

Bob Flanagan journals, bio

Dick Gallup two poems in CyberCorpse #1
Amy Gerstler @ Am. Academy of Poets
one at Hard Press

Franz Kafka "Project"--much info, some Engl.
Bob Kaufman at Modern American Poetry
Jack Kerouac (Eng88) writings, etc.
"Blue Neon" info and links
Bill Knott incl. all Nights at Dreamsongs (.pdf)
most of his poems at his blog
essay on him by our R. Hell (onsite)

Harry Mathews interviewed by John Ashbery
Eileen Myles (EPC)

Gerard de Nerval entire Chimeras
Alice Notley (EPC)

Frank O'Hara (EPC)

Ron Padgett three at Jacket
one, another at Deluxe Rubber Chicken
one at $lavery audio 1975 workshop

Raym. Queneau interv. at Dalkey Archive

Aram Saroyan : the '68 book (at too:)
his '99 essay on above Pages poems
103 pp. Cloth novel (title: then new window)
David Shapiro five poems at Hard Press
poem and comments at Forward
featured at Jacket
Gertrude Stein entire Tender Buttons!
(Eng88) John Ashbery on
Wallace Stevens (Eng88) poems, links

David Trinidad five poems at E.V. Poetry

John Wieners two at Poets on the Line
four & QuickTime videos of J.W. reading
essay on him by Pamela Petro

(EPC) "innovative author" link pages
(Eng88) Modern Poetry link pages
(Ubuweb Sound) readings &c by avante-garde
( massive list at Am. Acad. of Poets
(Mod. Am. Poets) essays on the poets/poems
(U. Toronto) centuries of poets/poems & notes

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