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was born on October 27, 1949, of a German Jewish father and a Puerto Rican mother in Hoboken, N.J., directly across the Hudson from New York City. She still lives there, alone, where all the poems in this book were written over a four month period in the summer and fall of 1971. She has since devoted that of her time not spent in flipping coins to composing a love story, THIN SKIN. It describes the murder, in ten chapters fired by Theresa, of her closest friend.

is a question often asked on the streets around the cheaper bars in New York and Hoboken.

First poem in Wanna Go Out?:

Stars, why did you describe me?
You could have had a tree for a tattoo.
Why did I have to be these colors?
It's an ulterior motive, this 3-D nothing.
I loved him so much
but I accidentally dropped an electric toothbrush
into my cunt
and fried his johnson.
My box of chocolates start singing "This Is My Father's World" and
I ram a tooth into the baritone nougat.

Last poem in Wanna Go Out?:

The stranger and the moon are good buddies.
The stranger is a puddle
and the moon is the moon's reflection in the puddle.
This is as close as we poets can come to life.
I depend upon your mercy as a goose upon a cigar.
Close this book I scream and come look me up so we can fuck as long
as I don't have to talk.
I'm not about to pay any of my debts ever.
Gored by Beethoven, you should know what it's like to be built
inside a little bottle out of wood.
The stranger has a cigar and is observing geese
pass across the moon like an intricate model ship
or symphonic violins, and all I can do is dream of mud, oh mud, mud.


Finally I was born, the first poet not removed from human life by even the slightest trace of a personality. The sensation of being read by one of my poems has now completely supplanted the banal nostalgia produced in the reader by the best poetry created before me.

Hell and Verlaine present Theresa


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