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  Bio bio core p. 1
bio core p. 2
official press bio/resumé Hell's "personal": girls/movies/Q&A

  Essays "...Ran Away" (on father, KY youth) "...Party" (on Johnny Thunders) on Sid & Nancy
& the Sex Pistols
on New York City for a musician
  on poet Bill Knott the Ramones (1976) full orig. liners to Destiny Street CD notes on films in "Scowl" series
  notes on poetry and punk "The Problem With Heroin" (1986)

  Fiction The Voidoid ('73) novelina, ch. 1 Go Now novel
('96), chaps. 7-9
"Boy Meets ... Boy Falls" story (1998) Godlike novel (2005), first pages

  Poems "The cattle..."
(untitled) (1970)
6 from Across the Years (selctd., 1991) Winter poem for
New Year's 1999
from Weather ('98) + CUZ Eds. excerpts
  3 early ones from Judas Jesus anth. "Last of 2001" poem for New Year's 2002    
  /Collabs "Drunken Boat" (c. '71) w/ Verlaine T. Stern poems ('71) / Verlaine "Drunken Boat" trans./L. Descloux from comic of Hell story, art /O. Perez
  collab poems by Hell and David Shapiro      

   others at links
review & interv. re UK Blank cd, 2000 Mar/00 for defunct "Music365" Brit site Mar/00 Music365 chat transcript 9/01 by Rick Moody re Hot and Cold
  Apr/02 Independent on U.K. promo trip NY Times: NYU buys Hell's papers     

  Lyrics for the Neon Boys (1972-2) for Television
for the Heart-
breakers ('75)
for the Voidoids
  for Dim Stars (1992)      

  Photos of R.H. Television live
(1974) (jumping)
Heartbreakers live (1975) w/ Sable + H'-
breakers blood ('75)
w/ Dee Dee Ramone (1975)
  first Voidoids pics (1976) w/ Voidoid Marc Bell (1976) in ...Nick Detroit (Punk zine, 1976) On Couch ('80) --S. Chernikowsi

  Posters 1st Television gig (1974) P. Smith/T'vision at Max's ('74) Television at CBGB's (1975) Hell & Voidoids CBGB (Apr '78)
  Heartbreakers / Ramones 12/31/75 Blank Gen. cover image on big poster    
  /Designs Theresa Stern pic & original book covers cover of his 1971 literary zine Hell / Voidoids T-shirt 2002   
  /Drawings Wall (1998) Study (c. 1979)    

  MP3s, etc. RH's MP3s of his songs and writings MP3 versions of Hell songs by others    
  /RP Video Clips offsite: free RealPlayer for clips "Blank Gen." perf. in Lommel '78 Blank "Liars Beware" in Lommel '78 Blank  

  Merchandise CUZ Editions
Hell books
in print
rare writings: out-of-print/signed... visuals: posters, videos, T-shirts...
  Hell audio: CDs available customer comments read/add    
  /Order forms CUZ Editions
order form
Hell books new/rare
order form
graphics order form
Hell / Voidoids T-shirt order form

  Links music, R. Hell sites, writing, movies... to favorite poets' poems online world events and political activism    

  Misc. contact Webmstr Suggs and/or Hell S. Schomberg art,
c. 1970
Patti Smith re Television (1974) Punk zine ('01) pics w/ Hell samples
  L. Mosqueda re anti-U.S. violence Noam Chomsky warnings re Sept. 11 CONTEST #1 (to win Hot and Cold, etc.)  

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