The Legend of Nick Detroit

was a fumetti (like a comic book, but using photos rather than drawings) written and directed by Legs McNeil, edited by John Holmstrom, with Roberta Bayley as director of photography, that was published as issue #6 of Punk magazine (October 1976). It told the story of Nick Detroit, former top international Agent and super-killer now become world-weary mercenary battling the infamous Nazi Dykes and their schemes for world domination. It starred Hell as Nick, and featured Legs, Quine, D. Johansen, Debbie Harry, Lenny Kaye, David Byrne, and a ton of others including Terry Ork, Anya Phillips, and Nancy Spungen (in a crowd scene). Some panels:

Roll over, P. Marlowe.

Those are flies buzzing around Little Norris's (Legs
McNeil's) head. Quine's cheif [sic] of Central Intelligence.

Nick and Norris crash Tony the Rose's
(David Johansen's) party.

The undoing of Debbie Nazi Dyke.

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